Understanding the 5 Needs That Drive Behaviors

When kids engage in problematic behaviors, we might focus our attention solely on ending the behavior itself. We use punishment, yelling, and other means, hoping to get them to stop. Yet, we might find that no matter how much discipline we impose or how strict we are in “laying down the law,” our kids only […]

What Do I Do When My Teen Bullies Me?

When kids struggle with problematic behaviors, we might feel like our home life is out of control. Our kids could be getting into trouble, spending time out late each night, disrupting the lives of our other kids, and leading us toward an emotional burnout. When our kids are younger, they can be somewhat easier to […]

emergency personnel

Am I a Bad Parent if I Call Emergency Personnel On My Child?

Parents of kids who struggle might believe that they need to resolve every issue on their own. They might feel that intervention from the outside is a burden to others. Worse, parents might worry about potential repercussions from calling emergency personnel when overwhelmed with their teen’s behaviors. When a child’s behavior is so out of […]


What is the Real Deal With Depression?

Depression is among the most common mental health disorders in the United States. Those struggling with depression can experience a range of symptoms, from disrupted sleeping issues to suicidal attempts. Understanding depression from the outside can be challenging for parents. Kids might experience some overlap of depression symptoms during specific situations, or they might struggle temporarily to […]


What is Meant by “Little ‘t’ and Big ‘T’ Trauma”?

Trauma can be a common cause of underlying issues, such as addiction, depression, self-esteem issues, anxiety, or other mental health disorders. Trauma is treatable, and kids dealing with trauma can learn healthy means of coping to heal and move forward. Depending upon how trauma affects a person, treatment can look different from one child to another. […]