The Value and Importance of Choices With Consequences

As parents, our job is to teach our kids to become successful and healthy adults. Our kids might feel that responsible and healthy choices are too restrictive. They might feel we are taking their freedoms away. We can teach our children that choices have consequences, leading to more or fewer freedoms, depending on the choice. […]


Family Pets: A Comfort to Those Who Are Struggling

Pets and animals can help those who are struggling with addiction in their recovery. Pet and animal-assisted therapy can be beneficial for those with self-esteem, trauma, or attachment issues. Family pets can teach kids to be responsible and caring. They can also help kids get out for exercise and build a routine around pet care. […]

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The Value of Building a Tribe and Social Network

Recovery from addiction and other problematic behaviors can be a pathway for our kids to foster more significant connections with others and with their lives as a whole. Our kids might need to build up their “Bear Tribe” and social networks for continued success in recovery. Addiction, cutting, promiscuity, and other behaviors might have been […]

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How to Break Bad Habits With 4 Steps

Breaking bad habits can be difficult. By definition, habits are cemented firmly within our routines and lives. Bad habits can turn our kids into their own worst enemies. They might try to break bad habits–succeeding in the short-term. However, bad habits can be so ingrained in their minds that they can continually come back, making […]

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Is Residential Treatment the Right Step for My Child?

As a parent, you might be wondering what steps to take for your child when they are dealing with severe issues, like mental health issues, behavioral concerns, self-injury, suicidal ideations, or addictions. How will you know if residential treatment is the right next step for your child? There are a few things to look out […]