Family Support

How to Meet Personal Needs: The Attachment Cycle

The Attachment Cycle is based upon having our needs met by our caregivers. We can develop different styles of attachment as we grow up. When we grow up in a safe and predictable environment, we are more likely to develop a “secure attachment style.” When children grow up in households where their needs (not just […]

Bi-polar disorder

Up and Down: Struggling With Bi-Polar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be misunderstood, especially for kids and teens. Teens often have swings in their moods and can feel “up and down.” When are these emotional rollercoasters indicative of normal teenage behavior versus bipolar disorder? This can be tricky and difficult to determine. Some of the things that we can look for are the […]

Managing Anxiety

Simple Ways to Help Manage Your Anxiety

When our kids are dealing with struggles or feeling troubled, we may have our own feelings about their behaviors. We might start to feel guilty or upset at ourselves. Remember that these issues are not your fault. Behavioral and emotional issues can be resolved and worked on. They are not indications of failure on your […]