Setting the Expectations Before You Get Out of the Car

The public meltdown. It is the nightmare of every parent of kids with behavioral issues. The whining, begging, tantrums, cursing, yelling, and the stares and judgment of everyone around – it can make a parent never want to take their child anywhere ever again.  What can be done? Are there any tools or skills that […]

How Does Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

For kids with mental health issues and addiction, nutrition can significantly impact their mental health. When in recovery, kids learn about healthy habits to manage their moods, cravings, and behaviors. If you help your child make healthy choices, they will get through the challenge of recovery much more easily. Parents can help their kids by […]

Is There an Age Limit to Heal From Trauma?

Trauma can impact a person for the rest of their life when not properly treated. These underlying issues can cause lifelong struggles, problems developing relationships, physical health issues, and mental illness. As we change the conversation about mental health, we might be more open to talking about trauma for younger people. Yet, what about the […]

What Are the Levels of Care for Children’s Mental Health?

Navigating the mental health system for children can be confusing for parents of teens who struggle. We know that our child needs support, but how much help is needed and appropriate for their behaviors?  Often, kids might not enter mental health treatment until an emergency occurs. We might not be aware of issues going on, […]