burn off the deadwood

Burning Off the Deadwood: Purification by Destruction

A fire can destroy some parts of a forest while also opening room for more growth. We may have long-held beliefs, thoughts, or actions, that are like deadwood or brush on a forest floor. When we rid ourselves of these things, we can begin to grow in ways that we cannot yet imagine. Some of […]

bear tribe member

Being a Lifelong Member of the Bear Tribe

lthough you may have completed your treatment, you are still a member of the Bear Tribe. Others in recovery may look up to you as a role model for success. You might be surprised by who you may be an inspiration to! You might not realize who is looking up to you or following your […]

finding your motivation

The Heat of the Fire: Finding Your Motivation

Parents and teens may struggle with finding effective ways to motivate their kids or themselves to make positive changes. Troubled teens may especially struggle with motivation, as some of the positive changes may feel like they are being forced upon them. Teens may believe that others do not accept them for who they are. They […]

getting out in nature

How Can Getting Out in Nature Help Your Recovery?

Being outside in nature and the outdoors can help to clear a person’s mind. When we participate in activities for the sake of getting out in nature, we can distract ourselves from our issues in the beauty of our surroundings. Nature has long been seen as a place to heal and center the mind. We […]