Combat Anxiety

Simple Self-Care Tips to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety can be common for many of us. We may feel excessive guilt or worry, which precludes us from engaging in the outside world. We may have difficulty building or maintaining relationships due to anxiety. Anxiety can keep us trapped in a way that may not make sense to those around us. They may think […]

Healthy Relationships

The Value of Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Healthy relationships can be crucial to our recovery. We can find people to connect with that help us grow into the best versions of ourselves. As parents, we might be worried about the friendships that our kids are making in recovery. We always want to be sure to guide our children in making healthy decisions, […]

Partners working on their relationship

The Importance of Taking Care of Valuable Relationships

Our adult relationships can add value and support to our lives as we navigate everyday life challenges. When our kids struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, or other behavioral issues, we can get overwhelmed as parents. We might start to neglect our parenting partner and never get through the negative energy present in our partnership. We […]

Healthy Eating

The Simple Neuropsychology of the Healthy Foods We Choose

The foods that we choose to eat can have an effect on our neuropsychology, which is the relationship between our brain, emotions, moods, thoughts, and behaviors. We often do not think about our food as having an effect on our mental health. However, we can think of anything we put into our bodies as being […]

Deciphering Between Friends & Enemies

How to Distinguish Friends From “Frenemies”

Having relationships with our peers is essential for our health and well-being. However, we may have difficulty distinguishing between real friends and those who only appear to be friends. The people we choose to surround ourselves with can encourage and support us. They can also put us down or feel threatened by our growth and […]