Happy Family

Is Residential Treatment the Right Step for My Child?

As a parent, you might be wondering what steps to take for your child when they are dealing with severe issues, like mental health issues, behavioral concerns, self-injury, suicidal ideations, or addictions. How will you know if residential treatment is the right next step for your child? There are a few things to look out […]

Troubled Teen

What Can I Do to Help My Child With “Entitlement” Issues?

Entitlement can be a fairly subjective term, depending upon our preconceptions and expectations. Generally speaking, entitlement refers to anything that a person receives unconditionally without earning. Before we talk about how to deal with entitlement, let’s clarify what our children should have a reasonable expectation of receiving unconditionally. We may be unintentionally pushing our mentality […]

Supporting Your Child Through a Crisis

How Can I Remain Calm While My Child Is In a Crisis?

When your child or teen is going into a crisis mode, you might feel your own emotional state beginning to rise. You may start to feel angry, frustrated, upset, sad, or shocked. When you see someone have an overreaction to a situation, your first instinct might be to try to fix the problem quickly. If […]

Isolated Teen

How to Help Your Child from Isolation

Children and teens may be isolating more frequently due to the restrictions and social distancing protocols from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our children might be having a difficult time with these restrictions, as they are still developing their communication and socialization skills. While we might also be affected by this isolation, we are more likely to […]

Mother and Son

How Can I Help Build My Child’s “Frustration Tolerance?”

We all have a “frustration tolerance,” which refers to our ability to handle setbacks and manage our emotions when we have to remain patient. Some people have a high tolerance for frustration, meaning that they are not upset easily and can remain relatively calm when facing challenges. Other people have a low tolerance for frustration. […]