What Do I Do When My Teen Bullies Me?

When kids struggle with problematic behaviors, we might feel like our home life is out of control. Our kids could be getting into trouble, spending time out late each night, disrupting the lives of our other kids, and leading us toward an emotional burnout. When our kids are younger, they can be somewhat easier to […]

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How Can I Make the Most of the Little Time I Have With My Kids?

As we return to normalcy following the pandemic, our schedules might fill up quickly. While we were possibly overwhelmed with the amount of time we spent at home, we might find ourselves having the opposite issue as things open up again. When our lives become busy between work, maintaining a relationship with our parenting partner, […]


Fixing the Family is the Best Treatment

When a child returns home after treatment, we might expect all of the issues within the home to disappear. We might have felt like our child with an addiction, mental health disorder, or other problematic behaviors were the leading cause of stress within our homes. However, in most instances in the recovery community, the entire […]


How Can I Teach My Kid to Cope With Stress?

As kids grow into adulthood, we can teach them ways to cope with the stress of everyday life and build resiliency. Kids can struggle to control their emotions, which might cause them to be overreactive during situations that have solutions. Some events might seem like “the end of the world” to our kids. As adults, […]