behavioral communication

How to Understand Behavior as a Form of Communication

Human behavior can be complex and difficult to understand. Problematic behavior in adolescents can be especially challenging to understand, as they may not even grasp the reasons behind what they are doing. One way to simplify understanding behavior is to look at behavior as a form of communication. When we look at all behavior as […]

connecting with your child's pain

How Can You Connect with Your Child’s Pain?

Parents of troubled teens may struggle to talk with their kids about their emotional states. They may feel uncomfortable or their teen may not open up easily. As parents, we may feel confused about why our teen has a difficult time sharing their pain with us. We may question our ability to connect with our […]

avoiding reactions

Avoiding Reactions: How to Get Out Ahead of Problems

When adolescents engage in problematic behavior, we might find ourselves managing problems as they occur. We see the issue happening or see the consequences after the fact and can only react to what has already happened. We then engage in a cycle of “putting out fires” by reacting when things are out of control rather […]

being manipulated

Is This a Crisis or Are You Being Manipulated?

Parents of troubled teens may feel as though their teen is using extreme behaviors or going into “crisis mode” as a means of manipulation. They may feel frustrated and not want to “give in” to their teen’s behavior by giving their teen the desired attention or object. Many parents are afraid of reinforcing crisis behavior […]

Teenagers engaging in social media on smartphones

Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet? Symptoms and Treatment

The rise and craze of smartphones, touch screen devices, video games, computer-simulated worlds, and social media has seemingly taken the world by storm. Children are spending more time than ever on their phones, tablets and iPads, video game consoles, and computers. You might be wondering: is an Internet addiction really problematic? Isn’t that just the […]