Teen girl crying due to depression

Signs, Symptoms, & Causes of Teen Depression & Suicide

What is teenage depression? Teen depression is a mental health disorder found in youths ages 12-17. It is an overwhelming feeling of sadness and solitude that can cause further adverse feelings and actions. Are you concerned that your teenager is acting differently? Maybe their moods have changed or their actions differ than how they were […]

What Is Considered Normal Teenage Behavior?

You made it through the newborn years. You survived the “terrible twos”. Now you’ve entered the teenage years and just don’t know what to do. Teenagers are completely different than children—and sometimes it feels like you don’t even know your own kids anymore. So, how do you determine what’s bad behavior and what’s normal teenage […]

Legal Risks Of Teen Sexting

Teens and tweens seem to be glued to their phones—surfing the Internet, engaging on social media platforms, and texting with friends. But what happens when some of those interactions take a dark turn, such as sexting? Unfortunately, sending sexually explicit messages over smart devices is more common than many parents might realize. And what sexting is varies from state to […]

Positive Programs For Teen Behavioral Problems

Helping teens make behavioral changes is challenging. There are a host of behavioral problems that can develop and are difficult to change. These behavioral problems can be self inflicting ( cutting or depression or drug abuse ), or to aggressive and dangerous to others( anger, family violence and crime). Even though there are wide ranging […]