Planning for Your Family

How Can I Create a “Family Behavior Contract” With My Child?

“Family Behavior Contracts” are part of the recovery curriculum at Fire Mountain Treatment Center. We believe that recovery does not begin and end with a stay in a treatment facility. Recovery for your child involves a commitment to supporting your child following their stay at Fire Mountain. We cannot “cure” or “fix” your child without […]

Isolated Teen

How to Help Your Child from Isolation

Children and teens may be isolating more frequently due to the restrictions and social distancing protocols from the COVID-19 pandemic. Our children might be having a difficult time with these restrictions, as they are still developing their communication and socialization skills. While we might also be affected by this isolation, we are more likely to […]

Mother and Son

How Can I Help Build My Child’s “Frustration Tolerance?”

We all have a “frustration tolerance,” which refers to our ability to handle setbacks and manage our emotions when we have to remain patient. Some people have a high tolerance for frustration, meaning that they are not upset easily and can remain relatively calm when facing challenges. Other people have a low tolerance for frustration. […]

creating a routine for kids

How Can Creating a Routine and Schedule Help Your Kids?

Routines and schedules can help our kids and our entire family units function in a healthy way. When we create schedules, like menu plans and family nights, we can help ensure that important things are not being neglected. As we work on scheduling regular activities, like meals and time together, we help to build routines […]

fix our family system

How Can We Fix Our Family System?

When one family member is struggling with addiction, our entire family system can be affected. We may be spending more time with our troubled teen than our other kids, which may create other issues for the kids not engaged in addictive behaviors. We may be spending a lot of time and energy focused on fixing […]