mother and daughter hugging

What You Need to Know About Sympathy and Empathy

Are sympathy and empathy the same thing? Which one is more helpful to those struggling with problems? When supporting another person during our relationships, we will most likely need to provide emotional support for them at some point. This is especially characteristic in a parent-child relationship, as our kids often look to us for the […]


The Best Tips for Managing Stress in a Chaotic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has put mental health into the spotlight of our national conversation. Managing our stress levels was critical to surviving during this time. As the world changed and our routines were uprooted, many people struggled to maintain a healthy mindset. While vaccines offer hope for a return to everyday life, we might need […]


No Longer Alone: Positive Impact of Support

Finding support in recovery is paramount to successful outcomes. After leaving a treatment facility, some individuals may feel overly confident, believing that they can get through their struggles alone. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center understands the importance of support during and following treatment. We begin the transition process during a teen’s stay at our facility […]


Find the Right Direction: Spirituality and Recovery

“Spirituality, technically speaking, is nothing more than focusing on something that’s bigger than oneself that gives life meaning.” –Dr. Bruce Liese, Therapist and Professor  Many support groups and treatment facilities mention the importance of spirituality in the recovery process. What does spirituality mean within the context of recovery? Many 12-step groups discuss spirituality as the […]


The Value and Importance of Choices With Consequences

As parents, our job is to teach our kids to become successful and healthy adults. Our kids might feel that responsible and healthy choices are too restrictive. They might feel we are taking their freedoms away. We can teach our children that choices have consequences, leading to more or fewer freedoms, depending on the choice. […]