How Can I Make Time for Self-Care?

Self-care practices are crucial for maintaining our mental wellness. When we have kids struggling with challenging issues, like running away from home, going in and out of psychiatric units, dealing with addiction, self-injurious behaviors, or other problems, we might neglect our own needs for self-care. When we become overwhelmed with crisis after crisis with our […]


The Importance of Balance to Live a Meaningful Life

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many changes over the last year. Many of us might have lost our jobs, struggled with mental health illness, experienced increased stress, mourned the loss of loved ones, and other issues. Social restrictions and limited access to preferred activities and events might have left many feeling that their lives were […]


How to Express Grief From the Pandemic

While some people lost family members and loved ones to COVID-19, fortunately, many of us did not experience loss on this scale. All of us have, however, experienced a loss of some kind during the pandemic. Some people lost their jobs, social connections, opportunities to engage in passions, or other meaningful parts of their daily […]

Kiss For Mother

Never Accept “Fine:” The Value of the Open-Ended Question

When talking with our kids about serious issues or trying to understand their lives, we might hear one phrase consistently: “It’s fine.” As parents, we can struggle to get beyond this answer. We feel like we hit a wall or that they do not want to talk to us. Other times, we assume that everything […]


Reclaim Your Sense of Hope in Recovery

For parents of kids struggling with mental health challenges and addiction, finding hope can be difficult. We might feel buried in negative thoughts, guilt, or shame. Recovering a feeling of optimism about a bright future ahead can be a struggle as we help our kids pull their lives back together following active treatment.  For parents […]