The Importance of Exercise to Improve the Mind

Exercise can help to enhance your child’s recovery program and improve their mental health. Many programs have integrated exercise and recreation in their programs. Fire Mountain Residential Treatment encourages residents to participate in outdoor recreation to foster the mind-body connection while getting in touch with nature. Exercise can take many different forms, from going to […]

Healthy Eating

The Simple Neuropsychology of the Healthy Foods We Choose

The foods that we choose to eat can have an effect on our neuropsychology, which is the relationship between our brain, emotions, moods, thoughts, and behaviors. We often do not think about our food as having an effect on our mental health. However, we can think of anything we put into our bodies as being […]

burn off the deadwood

Burning Off the Deadwood: Purification by Destruction

A fire can destroy some parts of a forest while also opening room for more growth. We may have long-held beliefs, thoughts, or actions, that are like deadwood or brush on a forest floor. When we rid ourselves of these things, we can begin to grow in ways that we cannot yet imagine. Some of […]

getting out in nature

How Can Getting Out in Nature Help Your Recovery?

Being outside in nature and the outdoors can help to clear a person’s mind. When we participate in activities for the sake of getting out in nature, we can distract ourselves from our issues in the beauty of our surroundings. Nature has long been seen as a place to heal and center the mind. We […]

Food For Recovery

Food for Recovery

Our Recovery Process One very important element of the recovery process at Fire Mountain is our whole foods diet. We ensure that the teens who enter into our care receive healthy, well-balanced meals that are gluten and dairy-free with minimal sugar and caffeine available throughout the day. Learning how to cook their own healthy meals […]