What Does ADHD Really Mean?

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopment disorder that affects concentration, attention and directs impulsive behavior. ADHD symptoms often become present during childhood but continue well throughout one’s life. Although it is typical for children to have difficulty with their behavior or focus, children with ADHD may experience even greater struggles that can negatively affect […]

Ask for Help

How Do I Ask for Help When I’m Feeling Overwhelmed?

When we feel overwhelmed, reaching out for help can be challenging. Sometimes, we do not want to admit that things are problematic and becoming complicated. Other times, we might not know where to turn for help. Finding support when dealing with problems at home might make us feel alienated. We might feel as though no […]


The Value of Health and Fitness to Reclaim Your Life

When we leave a treatment facility, we can continue the healthy lifestyle habits we learned during our early recovery. Health and physical fitness can help you during your recovery in several different ways. Participating in fitness activities can help you in many domains of health, other than physical health.  The benefits of exercise have been […]


Make the Best Health Choices for Success in Recovery

Diet and exercise are crucial for success in recovery from addiction and other mental health issues. Many of us are aware of the “mind-body” connection, shaping treatment for mental health and behavioral concerns. For our kids, starting healthy habits early in life can help them continue on the right path as they grow into adults. […]