The Importance of the Words We Speak

The way that we express ourselves can have an impact. However, we might not be aware of how impactful our words can be on another’s feelings. In our culture today, with options for sharing our thoughts or opinions with the world quickly, we might dismiss the power of our words.  The Stigma of Recovery While […]


Does My Child Need Treatment Again?

When a child or teenager goes through rehabilitation for addiction or other problematic behaviors, we might see a relapse sometime after treatment. When relapse occurs, some people get discouraged or believe that treatment does not work. Unfortunately, relapse can be a part of the process of recovery. Relapse does not always mean that a person […]


Reclaim Your Sense of Hope in Recovery

For parents of kids struggling with mental health challenges and addiction, finding hope can be difficult. We might feel buried in negative thoughts, guilt, or shame. Recovering a feeling of optimism about a bright future ahead can be a struggle as we help our kids pull their lives back together following active treatment.  For parents […]


What Do My Kids Need From Me?

Kids in recovery from addiction and other problematic issues might need parents more than they would like to admit. Often, oppositional behaviors can go hand-in-hand with other challenging behaviors. Kids, especially teens, go through a rebellious stage to assert their identities as they begin growing into adults. When addiction or other issues are present, opposition […]


Healthy Ways to Prevent Relapse in the Recovery Journey

Relapse can occur following treatment and beyond. Depending upon the severity of the relapse, alumni might need to consider going back to a facility or getting additional support before things get much worse. In some instances, relapse can be recognized immediately, and we can get back on track quickly if we are honest with ourselves. […]