What Does “Greening Out” Mean?

Parents have a hard enough time keeping up with current trends in music, social media, or other cultural trends their child might be exposed to. Keeping up with trends in drugs and other dangerous activities that kids are involved in might be even more difficult, yet hundreds of times more important.  Forget the latest TikTok […]

Is Harm Reduction the Same as Enabling?

While some people believe harm reduction is the same thing as enabling, others believe that harm reduction is essential in treating addiction. Harm reduction is a public health strategy aimed to reduce the risks associated with certain behaviors, such as substance use.  It is crucial to note that abstinence is crucial for individuals in long-term […]

Should I Tell My Children About My Past?

When raising a child, you may find your child experiencing similar struggles that you did at their age. You also may recognize similar temptations, behavioral challenges, or addictive behaviors in their adolescent and teen years that negatively impact their daily functioning. When these situations occur, it is common to evaluate your past in order to […]

Forgiving Yourself When Your Child Struggles

On the days when it seems like you can’t get along with your child, and there are arguments and conflicts around every corner, it can feel as if you’re entire household is crumbling. They are staying out past curfew, hanging out where they shouldn’t, or talking back, and you feel like you’ve exhausted all of […]

How to Ask For Help When You Feel Overwhelmed

Let’s cut to the chase, this parenting thing has never been easy. The journey from crying, burping, babies to secretive teenagers teaches us that raising a child is full of new and unique challenges every single day. Although you may enjoy these challenges and the rewards that come with them, there are some days when […]