self-injurious behavior

How Can I Replace My SIBs to Cope in Healthy Ways?

Self-injurious behaviors (SIBs) can be maladaptive ways of coping with stress and intense emotions. Some people exhibiting SIBs might experience extreme changes in mood and struggle to regulate their emotions. They might resort to harmful behaviors as a way of relieving their emotional turmoil by cutting, burning, strangulation, head-banging, throwing themselves down to the ground, […]

intervene in your childs life

When Should I Intervene in My Child’s Life?

No parent wants to be an overbearing presence in their child’s life. We know that kids need some space to grow. They need to learn from their mistakes. We need to step back to let our kids live their lives for themselves as we guide them toward adulthood. However, we might need to intervene in […]

proactive treatment

How to Be Proactive in Your Child’s Treatment

Often, as parents, we find ourselves reacting to situations in the moment. We put out fires as they ignite, stepping in when help is needed and urgent. While being ready to handle emergencies as they occur or deal with a crisis in the moment is vital to helping our kids, we might also want to […]

focus in recovery

What Happens When You Shift Your Focus in Recovery

“Ne te quaesiveris extra.” [Do not search outside yourself.] ― Ralph Waldo Emerson, Self-Reliance and Other Essays While many kids enter treatment facilities for help with their challenging behaviors, addiction, or other mental health issues, recovery can be a long process with benefits that are not readily apparent. Kids might be reluctant to enter treatment, […]


The Value of Delayed Gratification

“Patience is not passive; on the contrary, it is concentrated strength.” -Bruce Lee, Chinese-American Martial Artist, Actor, and Director Delayed gratification can teach kids the value of setting long-term goals. When kids need to wait for things they want, they can increase their “frustration tolerance.” With a high threshold for tolerating frustration, kids can regulate […]