“A warrior takes responsibility for his acts, for the most trivial of acts. An average man acts out his thoughts, and never takes responsibility for what he does.”
-Carlos Casteneda

The path of the warrior begins within

Martial Arts is about the relationship between the teacher and the student. It is about consciousness and body, mind and spiritual harmony. It is not about being better; it is about dropping the struggle to be different from who you are.

Fire Mountain Martial Arts teaches the Way of the Warrior

  • A warrior is accessible
  • A warrior is authentic
  • A warrior is balanced
  • A warrior is willing to do what is hard
  • A warrior never gives up

Regardless of their age, the students will come to understand this fundamental truth during their warrior study:

In the face of conflict, any fool can fight; the path of the warrior is one of choice.Any person can kick and punch, and anyone can teach these things. The martial arts are, in essence, a focus on developing power, both inner and outer. How to use the power is a philosophy that each individual must create for himself or herself.

Fire Mountain Martial Arts is a system that teaches many different styles from many different traditions. More than kicks and punches, we teach the philosophy in a way that is comprehensible to all. This is not your normal martial arts class.  This is a complete warrior training system.
The students will learn:

  • Tai-chi & Chi Sao
  • Chi-Kung
  • Contemporary Combat Systems
  • San-Soo-Kung Fu
  • Tae-Kwon-Do katas
  • basic Ninjutsu and Systema techniques
  • ground fighting
  • Model Mugging
  • Kia Jutsu
  • Shuriken Jutsu
  • Wa-Ai-Jutsu
  • Sabaku Budo
  • grappling and wrist locking maneuvers
  • breathing exercises
  • break-falls and rolls
  • Bo-staff
  • Archery
  • Bokken
  • Arnise
  • defense against weapons
  • and so much more

Class meets Fridays
4-5:30 :

September School

1902 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 443-3343
Map Location

$14.00 drop in rate

Punch Card
$120.00 for 10 lessons

Uniform Cost: $30.00

No belts or belt fees, no testing fees, no hidden costs. Just training, fun, growth and self discovery.