Awakening Girls to their Divine Power

June 2013 in Austin, TX
July 2013 Jamestown, CO
Ages 5-13  (Leadership program for 14 and up)

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams “
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Over the years, most girls have shown us that their archetypal Warrior works best when infused with the creative force of their Goddess of Feminine side. The way girls use their power to do what ever it takes to make their dreams come true has a divine feminine quality.

Feminine power is often misunderstood and overlooked in our masculine culture. We aim to change that by teaching girls that being a Warrior in their lives (their masculine side) is strengthened when they stand their full Feminine Goddess power. In short, we do not have to become “men in skirts” to be successful in this world.

For these reasons, we created Warrior Goddess Camp.

Warrior Goddesses and Warriors attend camp together (they only separate for a few hours a day for special activities). Although we have considered running separate camps, the kids have said NO to that idea. They have told us (at every camp) that they want to be together for the following reasons:

  • They want to experience all aspects of themselves (feminine, masculine and the dance within themselves and among peers)
  • So much of what they deal with is related to the opposite or different gender
  • It‘s more fun to be together
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We agree for the following reasons:

  • We trust their reasons and requests
  • Many activities are designed to create harmony, respect and healthy relationship among genders and can only be done in a mixed group
  • It’s more fun to be together

P.S. We do not diminish the fact that we are all our unique mixture of masculine and feminine forces and energies. Rather we aim to acknowledge, invoke and create a place for girls and boys to enliven and strengthen all aspects of themselves. If you have a transgendered, or otherwise identified child, please contact us if you feel we need to know! You know your child best.

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