healthy nutrition in recovery

How Can Healthy Nutrition Help with Healing From Addiction?

Healing and recovery from addiction involve more than dealing with our mental health and emotional states. Recovery is about finding healthier ways of living and making better choices for our all-around health. If addiction to drugs and alcohol have damaged our bodies and minds by putting harmful substances inside ourselves, then consuming healthy foods can […]

small wins and daily victory

Celebrating Small Wins: The Power of the Daily Victory

When facing problematic issues with our kids, like teenage depression, we may feel like we want solutions immediately. We may have the desire to want the problems to go away and want a quick-fix solution to these issues. While wanting problems of troubled adolescents to go away quickly is understandable, we may be neglecting to […]

animal therapy

How do Humans and Animals Relate to one Another?

“There is no greater gift of love than that of an animal choosing to share part of his soul’s journey here with you.” -Amy Miller, author and speaker Animal-assisted therapy can help teens in recovery from problematic behaviors or those in emotional distress. Pets and the domestication of animals have been a part of the […]

behavioral communication

How to Understand Behavior as a Form of Communication

Human behavior can be complex and difficult to understand. Problematic behavior in adolescents can be especially challenging to understand, as they may not even grasp the reasons behind what they are doing. One way to simplify understanding behavior is to look at behavior as a form of communication. When we look at all behavior as […]

connecting with your child's pain

How Can You Connect with Your Child’s Pain?

Parents of troubled teens may struggle to talk with their kids about their emotional states. They may feel uncomfortable or their teen may not open up easily. As parents, we may feel confused about why our teen has a difficult time sharing their pain with us. We may question our ability to connect with our […]