Planning for Your Family

How Can I Create a “Family Behavior Contract” With My Child?

“Family Behavior Contracts” are part of the recovery curriculum at Fire Mountain Treatment Center. We believe that recovery does not begin and end with a stay in a treatment facility. Recovery for your child involves a commitment to supporting your child following their stay at Fire Mountain. We cannot “cure” or “fix” your child without […]

Relapse Prevention

Helpful Solutions for Relapse Prevention Skills

Relapse prevention is one of the most critical aspects of recovery. While “relapse” is usually often associated with drug or alcohol addiction, you can apply the term to other maladaptive behaviors or issues. Relapse prevention can refer to coping skills that help keep a person from experiencing depression, anxiety, cutting, or other conditions. Keep in […]

Wrap Around Care

Introducing New Solutions With Wrap-Around Care

Wrap-around care can help your child recover from addiction and mental health disorders. When we talk about “wrap-around care” at Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center, we are referring to creating care plans for both kids and their families. Wrap-around care means that treatment is not confined to the facility. We want to help you in […]

Developing Healthy Attachment

Can You Be Cured of “Insecure Attachment?”

“Attachment” in recovery and therapy refers to our ability to connect with others and form meaningful relationships. Our “attachment style” is influenced greatly by the environment in which we were raised. Attachment styles are categorized into secure versus insecure, with secure attachment styles being the ideal and the insecure styles being separated into different types. […]

Consistency In Recovery

Inconsistency Does Not Work: Ways to Keep Things Fresh

Recovery from drugs, alcohol, or mental health issues takes consistency. You need to care for yourself on a daily basis. You need to find what works for you and shed the things that are no longer useful. You may find your “recovery formula” quickly. Each day, you follow the same routine to maintain your sobriety […]