kids on phones

Should My Kids Have Cell Phones and Other Devices?

A common issue among parents is navigating the use of phones, tablets, computers, video games, and other devices with our kids. While we might want our kids to have devices for emergencies or completing schoolwork, social media and gaming addiction can present problems for kids. Internet hoaxes and other dangers, such as child predators and […]

rock bottom

Rock Bottom— What It Looks Like

Does rock bottom look the same for everyone experiencing the challenges of addiction and mental health issues? Can we define rock bottom objectively to know definitively when a person needs an intervention or treatment? Do we need to get to our lowest point to finally make a change? These questions regarding rock bottom can be […]

emergency personnel

Am I a Bad Parent if I Call Emergency Personnel On My Child?

Parents of kids who struggle might believe that they need to resolve every issue on their own. They might feel that intervention from the outside is a burden to others. Worse, parents might worry about potential repercussions from calling emergency personnel when overwhelmed with their teen’s behaviors. When a child’s behavior is so out of […]

after the pandemic

The Challenge of Returning to Life After Isolation

As more and more people become vaccinated against COVID-19 and restrictions over social activities lift, many feel excited, relieved, and eager to get back to the lives they had before the pandemic. However, returning to our pre-pandemic lives might present some challenges. Some of us might feel reluctant or anxious about getting back to normal. […]