Family of five spaced out in the home

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Families at Home

There’s no question about it: world pandemics change the course of history in many unavoidable, inexplicable ways. One of the most noteworthy spaces affected by a world event like COVID-19 is the home. Due to changes made in the spheres of education, commerce, public interaction, healthcare, politics, and more, many Americans find themselves asking: how […]

Teenagers engaging in social media on smartphones

Is Your Child Addicted to the Internet? Symptoms and Treatment

The rise and craze of smartphones, touch screen devices, video games, computer-simulated worlds, and social media has seemingly taken the world by storm. Children are spending more time than ever on their phones, tablets and iPads, video game consoles, and computers. You might be wondering: is an Internet addiction really problematic? Isn’t that just the […]

People passing pills

What are Gateway Drugs?

The Gateway Drug Hypothesis The term “gateway drugs” is a common saying when talking about addiction. But what does it mean? The saying stemmed from the gateway hypothesis, which refers to a pattern of substance abuse early on in an individual’s life using legal substances like nicotine and alcohol, which then contributes to the progressive […]

Four teenagers walking together

3 Ways Society Impacts Behaviors and Attitudes of Teenagers

Ever since your son/daughter was little, you’ve been doing your best to protect them from the dangers of the world and equip them for it. Unfortunately, the world is so much different than it was when you were a kid, and so many parents are asking the question, “How do I parent my teenager in […]

Xanax pills prescription medication

Xanax and Teens: The Dangers of Drug Abuse

Anxiety among American teenagers is quickly and exponentially on the rise, and with it, a rise in anxiety medication abuse. Xanax has quickly become the #1 tranquilizer drug choice among teens in the U.S., and death rates from this category have increased by 500 percent since 2000. Xanax is easy to access, offers immediate results, […]