Making Parenting Decisions When Things Are Going Well

When things are going in life, you might not think about why or how to maintain things the way they are. As people, we tend not to think about things when everything is going right. Our nature as humans is to focus our attention on crises or something going wrong. We might let our guard […]

How to Help Kids With ADHD Succeed in School

Kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might struggle in the classroom more than other kids. They might have problems studying, taking exams, and paying attention resulting in poor performance in school. They are also likely to develop issues with their self-esteem due to low grades, failing classes, or feeling like they are “different” from everyone else. […]

How to Let Go of What Your Relationship Was

When kids grow up, their relationships with their parents might change. When your teenager was a small child, you might have had an easier time managing the relationship. Small children look to their parents for guidance, companionship, role modeling, and meeting all their needs. As kids get older, they gain more autonomy and find influences […]

How Does Nutrition Affect Mental Health?

For kids with mental health issues and addiction, nutrition can significantly impact their mental health. When in recovery, kids learn about healthy habits to manage their moods, cravings, and behaviors. If you help your child make healthy choices, they will get through the challenge of recovery much more easily. Parents can help their kids by […]