journaling in recovery

Write It Down!: How to Journal for Success

Writing things down can help you continue in your success in and out of treatment. Journaling is a great way to reflect on the things that you learned during your day and can help you begin a conversation with yourself. You may struggle with self-talk or encouragement. Journaling can be a way of celebrating the […]

coping skills

How to Apply Coping Skills to New Situations

s you continue to grow and face adulthood, you will face new challenges. You might face stressors that you feel unprepared for as you travel through life. These new challenges may be frightening or overwhelming. During recovery, you have already encountered a number of struggles and have overcome obstacles. Sometimes you may feel unprepared about […]

find your strengths

How to Find Your Strengths to Build Solutions

During recovery from drugs or alcohol, your kids might be feeling that change is too difficult or that they do not have the strength to get better. Helping your kids discover their inner strengths can help them push themselves through the challenge of changing for the better. Understanding strengths and interests can help your kids […]

purpose outside treatment

Finding Your Purpose Outside of Treatment

Following treatment from addictions, depression, and other issues, you may be left wondering “now what?” Finding purpose and meaning following treatment can be confusing and tricky. You may have spent a great deal of time learning to give up your struggles and are now looking to move forward. Treatment can help us find stability and […]

bonds of the bear tribe

The Strong Bonds of the Bear Tribe

At Fire Mountain, we instill a sense of belonging among our clients and alumni with the concept of belonging to the “Bear Tribe.” When our clients join the bear tribe by entering our program, they are encouraged to “get each other’s backs.” Past clients, who have completed our program are considered lifetime members of the […]