Fire Mountain Leadership Team


Shari Simmons, LCSW, Executive Director


Mark Van Steenberg, LSWC, Clinical Director


Tug Levy, Education Director


Hugh Parrish, Medical Manager


Aidan Longtain, Direct Care Manager


Kristin Thom, Admissions Coordinator


Jordan Frazier, Marketing & PR Coordinator



Shari Simmons

LCSW, Executive Director

Shari received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver in 1993 and became a licensed clinical Social Worker in 1995.  She has had a 28-year career as an adolescent therapist and Clinical Director at several residential facilities in Colorado.  As the Clinical Director at Mountain Crest Psychiatric Hospital in Fort Collins, Shari ran the adolescent facility for 10 years and started a teen homeless shelter.

Most recently, she has been a consultant for various treatment programs in the state where she trains staff on trauma-informed care, develops strategic goals and provides tools to enhance programming.  She is currently an Adjunct Professor at CCU and UNR.  Her area of expertise is in mental health and trauma and she considers it a personal mission to train anyone who will listen to these topics so that people who suffer are met with compassion and understanding. She is currently writing a book on trauma for clinicians.  When not working, she is hiking, biking, canoeing or traveling.

View Shari's Book, "Which Way?" here.



Hugh Parrish, Medical Manager

Hugh has been practicing nursing for over 13 years, receiving his Bachelor's of Nursing from James Madison University in 2006. He is originally from Charlottesville, VA, but relocated to Colorado in 2011 in order to pursue an opportunity to be a river rafting guide, before returning to the medical field.  Prior to joining the team at Fire Mountain, Hugh worked in an emergency room setting and with outpatient detox services.  His training encompasses pre-hospital education, working with volunteer rescue squads, medical mission work in Uganda, Africa, and multiple disaster relief operations. Hugh was also recently certified as an Acupuncture Detox Specialist and frequently will perform ear acupuncture on the kids at Fire Mountain to help reduce stress. 

Hugh has a passion to empathize with patients as well as to provide insightful guidance into each client's journey of recovery, including encouraging daily physical activity.  Outside of Fire Mountain, he can be found backcountry skiing and mountain biking with his dog, Jackson, who also spends a large amount of time giving "free" therapy to our clients. 


Dr. Gary Rosen M.D.

Dr. Gary Rosen is a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, consulting at the Fire Mountain Treatment Program.  Originally from East Texas (Port Arthur), Dr. Rosen attended medical school at the University of Texas located in Galveston. Following graduation, he completed his Medical Internship, Adult/General Psychiatry Residency, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowships in Phoenix, Arizona, and Houston, Texas.

Having a passion for the mountains, and the western United States, he then moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1986, and has spent his entire career practicing in the Boulder County area. Dr. Rosen has worked in a variety of treatment settings, including area hospitals, clinics, therapeutic schools, day treatment programs and in a traditional outpatient setting.   During his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, running, triathlons, skiing, and playing guitar.



Mark Van Steenberg LCSWC, Clinical Director

Originally from the state of Ohio, Mark completed his undergraduate degree at Bethany College in West Virginia concentrating on communications,  film, and electronic media.  Mark then attended Youngstown State University where he earned his graduate degree in Social Work.  Utilizing expressive art and nature to process trauma and build one’s strengths is Mark’s passion.  Mark has extensive experience in working in school-based programs, community mental health, emergency psychiatric services, and addiction treatment.

Mark utilizes his experience with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma to help the struggling teens at Fire Mountain reach their full potential. Mark also has experience as a Clinical Director and integrates his experiences as a leader to help model and build leadership within the milieu at Fire Mountain.  Mark believes in building strong connections to build healthy communities.

In his spare time, you will find Mark hiking on local trails, spending time with his family and dog Chewbacca, and coaching youth within the community.


Kelsie McGuire LPCC, Therapist

Originally from Texas, Kelsie has completed her undergraduate degree at Harding University earning degrees in psychology and leadership in ministry. She went on to receive a graduate degree in Counseling at Colorado Christian University. Kelsie is trained in EMDR and is a MINT certified Motivational Interviewing trainer. She has experience working with homeless populations, individuals with addictions, victims of domestic violence, and inner-city youth.

Kelsie is passionate about helping people realize the potential they hold within themselves to heal. She holds the belief that when an individual’s values and actions align, they will experience a full life. Kelsie’s hobbies include exploring new coffee shops, backpacking, off-roading, running, playing soccer, and reading.


Lori Allen LCSW, Therapist

Lori completed her undergrad at Metro State University Denver in Behavioral Science and obtained her graduate degree in Clinical Social Work at the University of Chicago.

Laurie has worked as a Social Sciences teacher at an experiential outdoor education setting and as a Clinical Social Worker in a pediatric medical setting working with children, adolescents and families who have survived interfamilial and community violence. Lori has also worked in private practice with young adults specializing in treating survivors of trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, life transition issues, and attachment injuries.

In the summer months, Lori partners with non-profits in co-leading backcountry trips with young adult cancer survivors and adolescents from under-resourced, urban communities. Lori is also trained as a yoga and meditation teacher and is passionate about supporting others in accessing their own inner wisdom and building a practice of compassion to heal, grow, and transform!


Kristin Thom LCSW, Admissions Coordinator

Born and raised in Wisconsin , Kristin moved to Colorado after spending over 20 years in the Chicago area. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and her Masters Degree in Social Work from Aurora University.

Kristin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an extensive background in mental health including crisis intervention, assessments, verbal de-escalation training, inpatient clinical experience, and private practice. Kristin believes deeply that clients can heal and live full and productive lives, despite the challenges they may currently be facing. She hopes to help guide families through the admission process with compassion, empathy, and understanding. When not working, Kristin loves to spend time outdoors exploring her new home in the Colorado Rockies with her husband and two dogs, Bear and Charley. She is also the very proud mom of 2 adult sons.


Kelsie Foster MA, Art Therapist & Part-time Therapist

Kelsie came to Colorado from the Finger Lakes region of New York. It was back in upstate New York where she earned her bachelor’s degree in New Media Design. Kelsie then received her master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling with a concentration in Transpersonal Art Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO.

Kelsie utilizes empathy, mindfulness, and expressive arts while working with clients. At Fire Mountain, Kelsie guides the teenagers in creating art focused on the process rather than the product. With art therapy, the purpose is not always to make beautiful creations, but more so to heighten self-understanding, bring out personal meaning, and give an opportunity to release catharsis in a healthy manner. 

She has experience running art-based Dialectical-Behavior Therapy groups with teenagers and adults, applying art therapeutic approaches with all ages of the grief and loss population, and working as an art therapist with teenagers in residential treatment. To have a work-life balance, Kelsie makes time to get outdoors on the trails, create art, attend live bluegrass music, and spend time with her loved ones, including her dog, Barley.


Kim Daulton MA LPC, Part-time Therapist

Kim received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from North Central University in
Minneapolis, MN in 2005. She went on to complete her masters in Community Mental Health in 2008 from Argosy University, Denver. Kim journeyed her early career benefiting from experience at Mountain Crest Psychiatric Hospital, Salvation Army Recovery Program and a court-ordered outpatient program.

Kim became credentialed as a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2012 and opened her private practice in Greeley, CO called Hope Counseling where she currently practices part-time. Kim has level three Gottman Couples certification, is currently being trained in EMDR and utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing with clients. Kim believes the core of all healing happens in the kind, respectful relationship where clients are able to experience the genuine care of the therapist and permission to heal, create a new story and fully become who they are designed to be.

In her free time, Kim enjoys laughing and making memories with her two children. Kim loves being in the mountains, hiking and enjoying the wonder of nature. She loves new coffee shops and local live music. Running and kickboxing are ways she enjoys de-stressing!


Hayley Adams, Clinical Intern

Hayley was born and raised in southern Maine and has spent a good portion of her life living in different areas around the United States. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in 2015 with a concentration in psychology and studio arts. A few years later she arrived in Denver ready to pursue a master's in social work which will be awarded in June 2020. Until then she will be interning at Fire Mountain each week.

Hayley has worked with people of all ages throughout her life but has a strong interest in the intensity that comes with adolescence. When not working she enjoys painting, creating, and driving around in the sunshine with all the windows down.


Karine McCulloch, Clinical Intern

Karine grew up in California and currently lives in Denver, Colorado while she pursues her master's degree in Social Work at the University of Denver.

When she graduates, Karine is hoping to specialize in clinical mental health with adolescents. In her free time, Karine loves spending time outdoors and adventuring with friends.



Tug Levy, Education Director

Tug has always loved connecting with people and understands that helping people connect their lives with meaning and purpose is his true passion. Tug holds a master’s degree in education, and as a professional educator, he taught mostly science, in addition to social studies, health and wellness, and math. He also coached middle school and high school soccer. He believes in an experiential, integrative approach to education. Most of his teaching experience was with students who were from lower socio-economic backgrounds and many who were newly immigrated to the US. Tug has always been drawn to working with “at-risk” youth.

Tug left public education in 2010 and worked for 5 years as a professional mentor in a private, residential treatment program for young men between 18 and 25 years of age, who were struggling to succeed as young adults, often suffering from mood disorder as well as substance and/or screen abuse issues. More recently, Tug spent two years managing Boulder’s Runaway, Homeless Youth program. In these different yet related roles, Tug has gained much knowledge and experience working with people of all walks of life and valuable expertise in working with a variety of significant, often debilitating, personal issues such as anxiety and depression, low self-esteem and motivation issues and addictions. Tug has lived in and around Boulder since 1990, and currently lives at 9000 feet in the mountains west of Boulder. Tug is a volunteer youth hockey coach and serves as president of the all-volunteer Nederland Youth Hockey Association. He enjoys being outdoors recreating, appreciating nature, being a dad, good food, and sports, especially hockey.


Gina Sferrazza, Horticulture Teacher

Born in Colorado, Gina has always felt a deep connection to the beautiful outdoors that this state has to offer. Gina has worked on small-scale organic vegetable and herb farms and found that being in the presence of nature, nurturing the plants, was a healing experience for her. In discovering Horticultural Therapy, which is the use of gardening as a form of therapy, she decided to pursue this path to guide others in the healing aspects of nature.

Gina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Horticultural Therapy from Metro State University of Denver. This individualized degree is where she combined Horticultural Therapy, Agriculture, Social Work, Psychology, and Holistic Health classes to create a degree that truly fit her path. She is passionate about building connections to the plant world and believes in the innate healing power of working with plants. Her passions center around plants – identifying them, growing them, learning about wild plants, making herbal preparations, cooking, eating, and drinking lots of herbal teas!


Bill Myers, Teacher

Bill has worked in education and health care for more than 20 years as a teacher, health & wellness coach, spiritual advisor, aide, administrator and executive writer. As a parent of two children (now grown), he was a youth coach in several sports, and served as a parent volunteer focused on immersing kids in nature.

As a person in addiction recovery for half his life, Bill describes himself as a non-stop learner with a passion for exploring and discovery in the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual realms.

Since completing a university liberal arts education with degrees in English and literature, Bill has helped students at all levels experience greater self-confidence while increasing their academic empowerment through writing mastery.

An active daily poet, avid reader and insatiable “me-anderthal,” Bill spends as much time as possible outdoors in un-peopled areas—encountering all the other creatures who share the territory—winged-ones, four-leggeds, creepers, and crawlers. 

(Administration, Kitchen, & Property)


Rebekah Docter, Administrative Assistant II

Rebekah is a Colorado native, born and raised in Denver, Colorado.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in French from Central College located in the tiny Dutch town of Pella, Iowa.  During her time there, she lived abroad in Paris to study the French language and culture and then went on to live in Chicago where she worked with inner-city kids at Young Life.  Rebekah also holds a Masters degree in Christian mentoring and counselling with an emphasis in youth ministry leadership. All these experiences brought Rebekah to Estes Park for the first time in 2015, where she taught outdoor education at a local camp. After some time away from Estes, she returned to work at Fire Mountain and is now a local resident.  

In her free time, she enjoys hiking, running, camping, traveling to all the National Parks, spending time with friends and family, and doing it all with her trusty sidekick Bear.


Jim Dowling, Kitchen Lead

Jim grew up in Long Island, NY and has always had a deep passion for the mountains. Jim has spent most of his working career in kitchens, mainly in fine dining restaurants and with upscale caterers.  After several years of working in restaurants and for caterers, Jim focused his attention on a culinary career and went to Culinary school. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park and immediately moved to San Francisco to bury himself in their Culinary mecca. He has worked in NY, CA, FL and CO and is familiar with many different cuisines. The past year and a half was spent at 2 of the most consistently highly rated restaurants in Boulder at the Black Cat and Bramble and Hare. When not working or cooking you will find Jim in the mountains somewhere taking in nature and relaxing.  The most important thing to Jim is his son, Will, who is a senior in high school and has ambitions to be in the medical field helping people.


Tracey Neff, Cook

Tracey comes to Colorado after living for 27 years in Minnesota, where she obtained a degree in forestry. She is a proud mother of one daughter. In her spare time, Tracey enjoys traveling, cross-country skiing, gardening, botany, and exploring the outdoors. One of her goals when at Fire Mountain is to pass along her joy of plants and the outdoors to others. In the past, Tracey owned her own herb growing and sales business. She utilizes this experience with Fire Mountain’s own indoor herb garden.



Jordan Frazier, Marketing and PR Coordinator

Jordan is a public relations, communications, and marketing professional. Finding her passion for story writing at an early age, she was the editor-in-chief of her high school yearbook in Fort Collins for two years.

Following her passion for travel and adventure as well as a desire to delve into the intricacies of cross-cultural communication and connection, Jordan moved overseas to Edinburgh, Scotland at age 19 to pursue her BSc and start working in the Sports Marketing industry for a multi-national trampoline park. Seeking a change to a more creative and collaborative industry, Jordan decided to move to Barcelona, Spain to complete her MBA specializing in PR and Communications less than a year later.

After living abroad for almost five years, Jordan decided to return back to Colorado to further her career. Through experiences of working with young people for many years, Jordan decided she wanted to move into a field that helped to support children in a more direct and impactful way.



Aidan Longtain, Direct Care Manager

Born and raised in Boulder County, Aidan currently splits his time between Louisville and Estes Park. He earned a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Colorado and is fascinated by interfaith mediation in conflict zones. Aidan is also an experienced group facilitator and has trained with organizations such as Partners for Youth Empowerment and Authentic World. Aidan, the product of a turbulent adolescence, strives to support each Fire Mountain resident in discovering how facing the suffering and trauma of childhood opens the door to a truly fulfilling adulthood.

A former competitive skateboarder, Aidan thrives in intensity and loves to be challenged. Some of his favorite things include campfires, bears, and quality craftsmanship.


DC Team

From left to right: Aidan, Nick G., Jake, Taylor and her dog Mia, and Nick H.


Not pictured: Melissa, Kaetlyn,  Katia, Masha, Rose, Shelby, and Jamie.