“I just want my kid back!” – Parents everywhere (You are not alone)

Overview of Fire Mountain Programs

Fire Mountain is a residential treatment center in the Colorado Rockies where troubled teens ages 12-17 are taught the tools to allow them the opportunity to transform into more responsible, thoughtful, and confident teens. Using the latest rehabilitation innovations in treatment, along with traditional methods proven to be effective, our troubled teen program’s goal is long-term healing, recovery, and success for all teens and their families. Let us help your teen find the path to becoming their best self.


The Camps. The Troubled Teen Residential Treatment Center. The story so far.

Fire Mountain was established in 2004 in response to parents asking for specialized programs that don’t just entertain but empower children and teens. Seeing the desperate need for a new kind of after-school, weekend, and summer camp experience, Aaron and Chris, parents themselves and wanting the same for their children, threw caution to the wind and took the leap of faith.

The results have been nothing short of fulfilling. From the creation of kids camps, and the teen camps, and family programming, the “Bear Tribe” has reached thousands of kids, teens, and parents.

In 2009, Aaron and Chris decided to take their work to the next level. Out of their own home, they began to take in teens who were struggling. The residential treatment center is now a fully staffed therapeutic program offering a mix of the best evidence-based treatment modalities to date.

In 2013, they moved to a large facility on 40 acres, located at the gates of the world-famous Rocky Mountain National Park to expand services for teens and families making powerful changes with lasting results.

Regardless of why you have come to Fire Mountain, welcome to where your family’s flame burns brightest. Welcome to the Bear Tribe. “We have your back!”


Aaron Huey, Co-Founder, and President

Aaron has been working with children, teens, and parents for over 18 years. After ten years directing camps and empowerment programs around the world, Aaron opened Fire Mountain because he wanted to work with kids and families on a deeper level. Over the first few years of running programs like Teen Rites of Passage The Warrior Phoenix Challenge, and numerous cries for help from parents, Aaron realized the need to turn his efforts towards teens struggling with drugs, alcohol and the behaviors and issues related to addiction. An addict in recovery since 2000, he felt a calling to put together an expert team and open Fire Mountain. His mission is to awaken confidence and leadership. “It‘s not about being better, it‘s about giving up the struggle to be different from who you are.”

Aaron’s formal educational background is in acting. He graduated from the top acting school in the US, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 1990. His skills in comedy and drama make him an influential speaker and presenter, and a favorite among the kids. His confidence, compassion, and humor set the tone for deep healing, and fun.

Aaron is also trained as an EMT, a Wilderness Survival Instructor and Martial Arts teacher, all of which he weaves into the Fire Mountain RTC curriculum.

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